?CFW? hosts a Global 24-hour Resource Mobilisation Digithon with 500+ attendees & 400+ rounds of speed meetings


Event Name:
Resource Mobilisation Digithon (RMDigithon)
Community Name:
Programic Asia

Industry Segment:

Business-Arts and Culture

Use Case:

Networking and Resource Mobilisation / Funding

Culture Funding Watch (CFW) is a network of people and content that supports equal access to information, provides services to facilitate access to resources, and advocates for transparent and responsible financing for the Arts and Culture.

In May 2021, CFW hosted Resources Mobilisation Digithon (RMDigithon). The annual global event connects funders and actors in the arts, culture, and creative sector. This year, however, the event was hosted virtually using Airmeet as a platform.

The RMDigithon was a 24-hour interactive event that saw 500+ attendees. Ouafa Belgacem, CEO at CFW, shares the journey and outcome of hosting the RMDigithon on Airmeet. Ouafa has 15 years of global experience in resource mobilization, funding, and resource management. Apart from CFW, Ouafa also heads many start-up bodies in Tunisia.

Ouafa said, ?We host the Digithon as a physical event where attendees can participate in talks, panel discussions, and training. Apart from that, they also have an opportunity to meet and engage with donors. Last year we had 150 people in a room. This year, given the global pandemic, we couldn?t host a physical event.? While the team was brainstorming on how to host the Digithon this year, she said she attended another event hosted via Airmeet.

?The event was a mind-blowing experience,? said Ouafa. ?Airmeet offered everything that I visualized in a virtual event. In Airmeet, I saw an opportunity to hold an event without the constraints of space and time. In our physical event, we have a room full of tables. Cultural enterprises seeking funds go and meet potential donors.?

Ouafa and her team realized that via Airmeet, they could connect global donors with cultural and creative enterprises, NGOs and Artists . They started working on it and eventually hosted a 24-hour event that consisted of networking (speed meetings), master classes, training, a business fair and panel discussions.

Challenges (And Solutions)

Challenge : To plan and host an event without much support

The shift from physical to virtual was very new for the cultural and creative community, but Ouafa wasn?t worried. She had already seen the Airmeet platform in use and knew that her team could design and execute the entire event by themselves.

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