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Culture Funding Watch

Battered by the pandemic, the Culture and Arts sector continues to face increasing challenges. When artists and creatives are left to the margins, societies as a whole pay a price. The Culture and Arts sector teaches us to restore and helps us to resist. That is why, it is deemed necessary to work on maintaining sustainable resources mobilization to support culture creative actors (CC actors) around the globe.

Aware of the exacerbating conditions that pose a real threat on social stability, Culture Funding Watch (CFW) opted for a new dimension to continue its efforts in mobilizing and engaging the various intervening stakeholders. The resources mobilization digital marathon (RMDigithon_2021) will open the door for all CCI actors and investors to connect, know more about each other’s and improve collaboration.

This initiative was initiated by CFW in partnership with Airmeet, Vermeg, Silver line, Anna Lindth, (list of all partners). The RM-Digithon aims at creating a virtual space to facilitate access and collaboration for the ultimate end of fostering innovative and sustainable resource mobilization strategies and practices for the CCI.

Over 24 hours we offer CCI supporters the opportunity to meet and provide the audience with information on existing funding and support tools for CC actors & initiatives.


« The concept revealed a great capacity in putting CCIs needs forward and enhancing all actors’ understanding of the ecosystem and dynamics within it. »



Founded in 2014, CFW works with the goal of contributing to inclusive, responsible and sustainable resources mobilization practices for the Arts, Culture and creative sectors, providing stakeholders with all the necessary skills and information that would enable them to, actively, participate to the elaboration of transparent, smart and sustainable financing policies.

CFW acts as mediator through creating spaces where CC actors and CCI supporters / funders can meet, exchange and better collaborate.

CFW provides mentoring and capacity building to CC actors to access the resources they need to carry out their activities and gain sustainability.

CFW invests in research and advocacy to put CCI high on political and economic agendas.

Our strategy consists of nurturing the professionalization of resources mobilization and boosting access to information and advocacy and placing them on the heart of our local and regional strategies.

Our activities hovers around: support, mentoring, training, capacity building, research and advocacy, and most importantly connecting.

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